• Relax, Refresh & Reconnect!

  • About Stan & Keltie

  • We are often asked what made us decide to share our home, and open a retreat. So, why a retreat?

    A number of years ago we took a Bed and Breakfast Workshop as a pre-retirement strategy. We thought perhaps this was something we would enjoy doing when we retire. Well sometimes life’s opportunities present themselves when you least expect it, and so the story begins …

    With the downturn in the Alberta economy in 2015, it got us to thinking on so many levels. We were too young to retire, we loved our “treehouse” we called home, and now was an opportunity to do something we truly enjoyed.

    Upon talking to our dear friend Sharyn Rose, she encouraged us to look deep into what we’ve enjoyed most in our past life experiences.  For me it was the years I spent helping others preserve their photos as a scrapbook instructor.  Throughout the year, the highlight was hosting retreats, where people would come together to share their stories, their ideas and their passion. We shared laugher and we shared tears.  It was a place where friendships were built and memories were made.

  • Whereas for Stan, cooking has been a passion for him for many years.  While working as a rig manager in the oilfields of Alberta, he earned quite a reputation for his cooking.  Stan always believed that a well fed crew, made a productive team.  For weeks he had watched the young roughnecks bring corner store lunches to work with no nutritional value.  It was then that he started cooking at work.  With dual bar-b-ques as his kitchen, soon the crew was taking turns bringing in “mystery bags” of food to challenge Stan’s cooking creations.  They were definitely the best fed crew in the industry – no stomach ever went away hungry!

    So with our two passions, the one major interest we both share is our love of nature.  When we built our “TimberKings” dream home, it was just that – a dream that grew into a lifelong reality.  We wanted a place where we could relax, refresh and reconnect with nature. A place where we could unwind from the stresses of work and let nature be our medicine.  During our time here, Stan has discovered yet another passion of his – wildlife photography!  Mother Nature has gifted us with a variety of birds, wildlife and wild flowers like no other!

  • We feel very privileged to be able to experience the rewards nature has to offer here, and so we’ve decided to open up our home so we can share this with others.  Life can often get so busy that we forget to stop and listen.  Our purpose now is to offer people the opportunity to Relax, Refresh and Reconnect at our Back to Nature Retreat – and enjoy the tranquility nature has to offer.